Are you licensed and insured? - We are registered in the state of Montana as a paint/construction business with the name HISBIZ Home Improvement Service.  We have contractor liability insurance with State Farm Insurance.

What is your warranty coverage? - We prefer to use premium grade products so that we can offer the highest warranty coverage possible.  Stain products have lesser duration than paint, so the warranty varies depending on the product used.  There are some products that have a lifetime warranty to the original owner.  Details of the coverage are listed on the Quote.  We stand behind our labor 100% of the time for as long as the product is warrantied for.

When can you begin the project? - We will give your project a start and completion date at the time our Quote is approved by the owner.

How long is your quote price valid? - We will stand behind our quoted price for a period of at least 3 months, depending on the price of materials.

Do you stand behind the work of your subs? - If we hire a sub-contractor we will apply the same warranty coverage to the work they perform.


Additional Contact

Email:  info@hisbiz.us

Mailing address:
97 White Bison Trail
Somers, MT   59932



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