We believe that everything we have and are is endowed by our Creator and we are privileged to be the operators of "HIS" BIZ.  If you want to know Him personally click here.

What drives us:

We desire to please our customers with quality workmanship and materials that look and last, but ultimately we believe that by doing the best we know how, we make our Owner smile and that is the bottom line for us.


Hogie Hogan is operator of HISBIZ.

Hogie has been in the paint and construction business since 1991. Hogie managed HISBIZ in the Seattle area for 13 years prior to moving to the Flathead Valley in 2004. Prior to 1991 he worked as a missionary bush pilot in Indonesia for 13 years. Together with his wife, Connie, they have raised 4 children and now enjoy 15 wonderful grandchildren.


We hire only topnotch subcontractors for jobs that require expertise outside our area of talents or a timeline that necessitates a faster delivery. Professional appearance and work environment is a high priority as we hire help that enables us to produce a better end product in a timely fashion.

Additional Contact

Email:  info@hisbiz.us

Mailing address:
97 White Bison Trail
Somers, MT   59932



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